Apple Mail to OLM Conversion – The little indispensable guide

Many people around the world have been suffering from poor and incomplete Apple mail to OLM Conversation. There are reports of data loss, mid-session failure and messed up folder arrangement. The loss of time and energy has been a huge pressure on many people around the world.

Therefore, I have written this article to spread the secret to Apple mail to OLM Conversion. This secret is what makes this article indispensable for Apple mail to OLM Conversion practitioners.

Apple Mail to OLM Conversion

Many people suffer from poor Apple mail to OLM Conversion because they try to execute it manually or try a poor tool for the process. This gets them nowhere.

All Apple mail to OLM conversion needs is the help of a professional tool which will help the process to be executed in the smoothest manner. The professional tool will not only execute the task in shortest span of time but it will also preserve the folder arrangement and save your post-conversion phase too. That one tool which makes this possible in style is Mail Extractor Pro.

Outlook for Mac can import OLM, RGE & PST file format. So if your looking to move emails from Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac, then your can try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’. It can convert Apple Mail to PST, which can be easily imported into Mac Outlook.

Mail Extractor Pro is an amazing production of USL software. This tool has it all when it comes to Apple mail to OLM Conversion. If you want to know about its amazing features, keep reading:-

apple mail to olm

Easy to use

Simple to use – Mail Extractor Pro are very simple to use. This has been made possible with the help of the interface of Mail Extractor Pro which is graphical, interactive and user-friendly. This helps customers in feeling at home, and gives them a soothing experience. The sophistication of task never touches customers at all.Further, the tasks are simplified for customers by self-explanatory wizards.Customers just have to click their way through every Apple mail related task.

Convert multiple account at once

Bulk Conversions– Mail Extractor Pro has a conversion rate of up to 10 GB of Apple mail database in less than 10 minutes. In terms of bulk conversion, this is the best it gets. Mail Extractor Pro employs batch strategy to make this happen. It has the entire necessary arsenal to convert bulky Apple mail database quickly and efficiently.

Preserve all email data

Preserves folder hierarchy – Mail Extractor Pro also keeps the folder hierarchy intact. Most tools lose the folder arrangement in bulk conversions of Apple mail files but not Mail Extractor Pro. In bulk conversions, it not only keeps the quality of conversion intact but also folder arrangement. This feature has been introduced to primarily help customers in easily locating their files.

apple mail to olm conversion

Apple Mail to OLM Conversion Trial

 Free trial version – The free trial version of Mail Extractor Pro can be downloaded from its website. This will help you a lot in knowing the tool for yourself. The demo version has all the features of the license version of the tool. Make sure to check it out and watch the magic of Apple mail to OLM conversion unfolding right before your eyes.  

convert apple mail to olm

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Before downloading the tool, make sure you fulfill these following requirements:-

  • Mac OS 10.6 or higher with all recent updates installed
  • Free hard disk space for proper operation
  • Administrative permissions required for installation.

Download Mail Extractor Pro right now!