Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion – All You Need to Know

Apple mail to Outlook conversion has been on the rise. The trend owes its popularity to the rising demand of Outlook for Mac. Outlook for Mac has many benefits. First, the email client is very easy to use and it has a bigger user base all over the world.

Since, many are switching from Apple mail to Outlook, the need for a tool which can help in this task of switching has been on a rise too. There are many mediocre tools in the market which has posed threats to many companies. Therefore, we have written this article to inform you about that one tool which can help you with this task. This tool is called Mail Extractor Pro.

Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro is a safe, reliable and an amazing tool by USL software which is known to convert Apple mail to PST files in the most simple and amazing way possible. It saves customers a lot of time and money.

apple mail to outlook conversion

More amazing features of Mail Extractor Pro:-

Ease of use

Mail Extractor Pro has a very simple and easy graphical user interface. This interface allows users to carry on their task with Mail Extractor Pro in the most soothing way imaginable. The interface of Mail Extractor Pro is both interactive and user-friendly. The interface is more amazing because it provides self-explanatory features which help a lot in the conversion process.

Multiple Accounts conversion

Bulk conversions are not something unusual with Mail Extractor Pro. In fact, it is a norm for Mail Extractor Pro to convert Apple mail files in bulk. Because bulk conversions are a sure successful way to convert Apple mail files in bulk, it is guaranteed for customers to convert the files in bulk. Bulk conversions helps customers get over Apple mail to PST conversion in one go and that too much quickly.

Mail Extractor Pro is able to do this with the help of its batch strategy which empowers to convert any large size of Apple mail database easily. Bulk conversion can be very useful to individuals and organizations alike.

apple mail to outlook

Entire Conversion, No Data loss

Entire conversion is not something very usual and expectable in Mail Extractor Pro. The tool has a plan for conversion of every component of Apple mail database. As the tool has been designed after meticulous research no component of Apple mail database ever evades its radar. Besides text, it converts everything we find in Apple mail database like nested mails, embedded images and attachments.

Preserve everything

Preserves folder hierarchy – Mail Extractor Pro also preserves folder hierarchy easily. The folder arrangement is preserved to help customers in accessing their converted files easily. This feature is so helpful to customers that many don’t buy a tool without it. This feature ensures that customers can have a smooth transition from converting Apple mail files to their primary job.

Free to Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion

Free trial version – The demo version of Mail Extractor Pro is easy to use too. Plus, it is free and will give you a glimpse into the world of Mail Extractor Pro. You can download the free trial version of the tool from its website.

apple mail to outlook converter

Get Mail Extractor Pro right now for Apple Mail to Outlook conversion.