A Beginner Way Around Apple Mail to PST Conversion : Mail Extractor Pro

If you are starting out in the email conversion sector, then it is going to be scary as hell. Conversion of email data from one format to another is not child’s play by any means. The process involves layers of technicalities and is not easy to perform.


Third-party converters software is the way to go about converting your email files. Mail Extractor Pro is the ultimate third-party software to do so. This tool from USL Software is the most helpful tool and is perfect if you are starting out with email conversion.

The tool being helpful does not mean that it is not powerful. The tool offers everything ranging from options in the input formats to advanced features like Unicode conversion.

Yes, the tool allows you to convert your different input files into PST. This Apple Mail to PST Converter is not only an Apple Mail to Outlook Converter but also a Thunderbird / Postbox to PST, MBOX to PST converter etc. as well.

apple mail to pst

Multiple options at your disposal gives you the necessary control over the conversion process. You can convert files of different format using a single tool.

You don’t have to go searching the internet for a new tool every time you want to convert any other file that Apple Mail because your Apple Mail to PST converter doesn’t support any other format.

apple mail to pst converter

Along with options the tool provides you exceptional power when it comes to converting the data present in your input file. The tool converts each and everything present in your input file.

The tools accuracy and precision are such that it leaves nothing behind. Days of worrying about your Apple Mail to PST converter failing in the middle of your conversion process are over.

apple mail to pst conversion

Security of your data is one of the pressing concerns addressed by Mail Extractor Pro.

To makes sure that your data is completely safe and secure the tool follows approaches like conversion of Unicode data.

Unicode is the non-English data of your input file. Most of the Apple Mail to PST converters out there fail at this very hurdle.

Unicode data is a bit tricky to convert any if not converted perfectly may have negative repercussions. This is the case with most Apple Mail to PST converters.

But not Mail Extractor Pro. It converts the Unicode content thus providing you with a safe and complete conversion process.

The tool comes with a very intelligently designed interface that makes usage of tool very easy and efficient.

The interface provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes that help you get through the conversion process. These wizards act as helping hands for the users, especially the beginners.

This makes using the tool a very comfortable and convenient experience.

convert apple mail to pst

So, download the free trial from the website and get started. For any queries or problems there is a 24*7 helpline available at your disposal.