It’s simple to convert MBOX to PST free for Mac / Windows Outlook

Are you looking for an answer on how to convert MBOX to PST free? Then you are at the right place this article will help you in understanding how you can convert MBOX to PST free for Mac.

When you want to convert your Apple emails to Outlook for Mac you have to first convert the files into MBOX file format and once you have the MBOX file format you can then convert MBOX to PST free for Mac.

Do You Want to Know How to Convert MBOX to PST free for Mac?

You cannot directly use the MBOX file format to be uploaded to Outlook as it is not supported by Outlook hence you need to convert MBOX to Outlook. Also, you cannot directly get PST file format from Apple mails as it does not support PST file format but it supports MBOX file format only.

Get the right professional tool: Free and online tools can be risky

As it is very clear that you are converting your email domain from Apple to Outlook Mac and hence you need a tool that can help you convert MBOX to PST with data safety. You can find many tools in the market that claim to convert MBOX to PST free mac. Such software is not free and they do not provide a full trial version. Many features that you would be getting in the paid version are hidden from you in the trial version. Hence to import MBOX to Outlook you need a converter that offers you a free trial version which has all the features in it.

Mail Extractor Pro to the rescue

One such tool that is available in the market that offers you a free trial version to convert MBOX to PST free for Mac is the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool was developed by the USL software with great diligence and by using smart algorithms.

convert mbox to pst free for mac

Why choose this tool?

It has all the features needed to convert MBOX to PST safely. The features that they possess are great to convert MBOX to PST free. Such features are, it helps convert double-byte characters. Double-byte characters usually come in languages such as Korean Chinese Japanese. Another feature that it has is preserving the folder hierarchy. This means it keeps your data in a systematic format as it is in your original Apple mail.

convert mbox to pst free

Get the best automatic transfer with 100% data secuirity

Apart from this it also helps you convert MBOX files automatically. If you do not want to manually convert the MBOX files you can also use this tool to extract the data from your Apple emails directly for converting MBOX to Outlook free mac conversion.

How to get this tool right away

To get the trial version you simply have to log in to the official website that is On this website, you can download the link given for the free trial version. The best part is all the features that you would get in a paid version are available on the free trial version to convert free MBOX to Outlook free mac.