Convert OST File to PST Outlook 2016 Free With “OST Extractor Pro” Trial Edition!

To convert OST File to PST Outlook 2016 free, you can check out “OST Extractor Prohere.

It’s a multi-platform utility (for Mac and Windows) from USL Software featuring precise algorithms to convert data within the files without messing up the integrity of the emails and other items. It’s also the only converter with the ability to convert files in bulk, convert non-English text accurately, and is backed up by 24×7 tech support.

Convert OST file to PST Outlook 2016

OST Extractor Pro” is built with the beginners and non-experiences users in mind, but it also has the complete support for larger conversion projects and delivers seamless experience in corporate environment where the OST files can be too huge in number and size. The support for batch conversion makes it a priceless utility for this job, considering the traditional tools only lets you convert OST file to PST Outlook 2016 at a time.

Please note: OST and PST are data files for Windows Outlook, all versions. But 2016 is the most used email client even today, and this post is directed towards 2016 edition. But the tool can be used with all versions of Outlook, even when used with Exchange servers. And the PST files that it converts OST to can be imported to any Outlook versions, including Mac Outlook.

Convert OST File to PST Outlook 2016


There are couple of reasons for why “OST Extractor Pro” works exactly how you should want it to work:

  1. It has a simple interface that is developed carefully to let the users operate it in as naturalistic way as possible. And it also has minimized any manual inputs and actions required, simplifying the entire process to a huge extent. You literally just have to load the files for conversion, and can check out certain optional settings, and that’s just it!
  2. The precise inner framework with the modern-day processing algorithms gives you utmost precision for the output files. The tool misses nothing from the OST. It also doesn’t modify any detail like folder hierarchy, read/unread status of emails, etc.
  3. The in-built complete support for converting tricky characters like that used with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other such DBCS languages. It provides a big relief to users who have a lot of emails in non-English language.
  4. One of the best features it has to offer to the users that is unmatched is the dedicated logic for keeping the order of your folders same after the ost to pst conversion. The loss of folder hierarchy can be painful. You have a lot of emails arranged in a particular way inside a complex structure of folders and sub-folders.
  5. The day in, day out tech support through chat and emails offer a much-needed help in case of any query or setbacks. The support representatives stay with you until the complete resolution has been provided. They are quick to respond, friendly, and expert in converting ost to pst.

Download to convert OST file to PST Outlook 2016

You can download the tools’ free trial version here. This gives you access to the complete set of features without locking down of anything. In trial mode you can convert up to ten items per folder inside the OST files. This is a perfect trial version that helps you make up your mind if you feel a bit hesitant. Get it today, try it out, and you can activate the full version anytime you want.

convert ost to pst outlook 2016


Try OST Extractor Pro today to convert OST file to PST Outlook 2016 and all earlier versions.