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Thunderbird by Mozilla has been a popular choice for many for email solutions. This email client gives you personalized email addresses, one-click address book and even attachment reminder. However, Outlook got way ahead of this email client by continuous improvement of itself. Therefore, many have switched from Thunderbird to Outlook.

However, it has been found difficult to convert Thunderbird database to Outlook’s PST format. For this people need a reliable tool which was absent until now. This article has been written to introduce you to a phenomenal Thunderbird to PST Converter tool. This tool will solve all your problems. This is Mail Extractor Pro, A product by USL software.

You can try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ for Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and Apple Mail to PST Conversion.

Thunderbrid to Outlook

One Solution to all Thunderbird to Outlook Problems

Importation of Thunderbird database to Outlook’s PST format can be made very easy with the help of this tool by USL software. This amazing Thunderbird to Outlook’s PST converter tool can convert entire Thunderbird database. It has remarkable speed and accuracy, which helps it in easy conversion and smooth execution of the task.

The tool also comes with free trial versions. The demo version helps potential customers in easy inspection of the tool. Without emptying their pockets, customers can easily check the tool’s worth. The trial version is a great opportunity to completely explore the tool. But, usually people fail to utilize the opportunity to the full extent because the free trial version is only available for a limited time period only. Without a clear picture of what to look out for, people can miss out on a lot.  

Convert Thunderbrid to Outlook

Best Way to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook



The easiness of the tool is the first thing one ought to notice. However, it can easily go amiss. One needs to notice this aspect of the tool. Because this tool has a very simple interface which is also its biggest asset. The tool makes the task very simple for you with the help of it.

Complete Conversion

This tool helps exporting complete Thunderbird database to Outlook for Mac or windows. The tool makes the best use of its features. It utilizes its full potential to give the best version of the conversion task. The tool makes it possible for millions of people to easily export complete Thunderbird database to Outlook.

Bulk Conversion

Free trial version users should also notice the tool service of bulk conversion. The tool can easily help in conversion of any size of Thunderbird database to Outlook’s PST format. You can easily check this claim in the free trial version. It should not be missed because this feature can really make this task easy for you.

Intact Folder Management

Now importation of Thunderbird to Outlook’s PST is possible with intact folder arrangement. You can easily notice how this tool never distorts the folder arrangement. You can easily check your converted files with an intact folder arrangement. This gives customers the best post-conversion phase and amazing satisfaction.

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All these features can be checked and verified with the help of this tool’s free trial version. You are bound to be in awe of this tool.

Convert Thunderbrid Database to Outlook

Download it right now to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook.