Convert Thunderbird to Windows Outlook directly on Mac!

One of the biggest reasons that most converter tools used for converting Thunderbird data to Windows Outlook failed was their inability to run directly on Mac machines. Extracting the data from the archives, converting it into MBOX files and then transferring it to Windows machine for conversion is a long, tiring and highly error prone process. It’s time to switch to a conversion solution that runs directly on Mac machine.

Convert Thunderbird data to Windows Outlook easily

Email migration can be a demanding process, there are no two ways about it. Layered conversion of data is a very technically complex process especially when the data that needs to be converted consists of all kinds of file formats.

That is the case with Thunderbird to Windows Outlook Conversion. Thunderbird and Windows Outlook just don’t differ with the operating system that they run on but also in the way they store the data of their users.

MBOX is the file format that is used by Thunderbird to structure and save the data of its users. The file format is very common amongst email clients that run on MacOS based machines. It is very generic and compatible with many clients too.

But the problem here is that Outlook runs on Windows. The file formats and structure used by it is entirely different to what Thunderbird uses. Thus, the need to convert Thunderbird data to Windows Outlook.

Convert your Thunderbird data to Outlook without any obstacles

The need of exporting Thunderbird to PST is now clear. So, let’s talk about how you can achieve this feat. To convert the data properly and accurately, you need to make use of a third-party converter tool.

These utility software solutions provide you with technical take on the process of data migration. Mail Extractor Pro leads the way for these software utilities. This converter tool offers the perfect solution to all your Thunderbird to PST conversion problems.

Convert Thunderbird to Windows Outlook

Convert everything easily

The common problem of data loss or corruption are solved by this converter solution. The tool provides you with an exceptional conversion accuracy. The refined algorithms that the tool runs on provides you with enough power to get through all kinds of data present in your input files.

The tool converts even the smallest details like calendar data, contacts etc. Plus, it even provides native support for complex formats like Unicode and double byte characters. Thus, ensuring that none of the data is left behind during your Thunderbird to Windows Outlook Conversion.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

No problems when you have an interface like this

The interface of this tool makes sure that you don’t have any problem when operating the tool. It is simple, clean and very helpful. Unlike the interfaces of your usual converter tools, the interface of this tool only displays what is required.

Plus, the step by step guide along with informative wizard makes sure that you don’t have to struggle with finding the next step of the conversion process.

Convert Thunderbird to Mac Outlook

Download the free trial of the tool to migrate Mozilla Thunderbird Export to PST.