The Ultimate Solution for converting Apple Mail to PST

The simple and easiest way to export Apple mail to PST format is Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. The tool has an amazing interface and technology which cannot fail at converting Apple mail to PST. The tool can make bulk conversions possible in minutes and helps preserve the folder arrangement too.

Convert Apple Mail to PST in Mac

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Simple to use

The user interface of Mail Extractor Pro has been designed with utmost care and precision. The purpose of this interface is to make customers journey from Apple mail to PST format files smooth and pleasant. This it does with the help of its simple yet profoundly effective User interface. The interface of Mail Extractor Pro employs many self-explanatory wizards and high quality graphics to ease customers’ journey of Apple mail Mailbox Export to PST Conversion.

apple mail to pst

Bulk Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro has been the prime choice for bulk conversion of Apple mail to PST format. This has been mainly because the tool is the only tool which not only provides bulk conversion of Apple mail but also does it without losing either the quality or speed of conversion. High speed and quality bulk conversion of Apple mails is the most efficient form of conversion one could ask for.  

This feature is highly utilized by companies worldwide. However, individuals can also avail of this offer. Imagine your entire Apple mail database converted to PST format in a single operation. The relief it can be to you is beyond measure. Therefore, we suggest you to download only Mail Extractor Pro.

convert apple mail to pst in mac


The whole processing of Mail Extractor Pro has been made fully automated to suit customer’s needs. An automatic tool does not need any support from customers other than mere basics. At the time when Apple mail to PST conversion has been a tough task, to create a tool that can execute this task with negligible support from customer is a delight. There is nothing more you can ask for!

Convert Unicode Contents

Mail Extractor Pro can convert any type of mail content. It can convert content not just in English language but also in other languages of the world. Its ability to convert Unicode content and Meta data content makes it the only tool to convert every part of Apple mail. This makes Mail Extractor Pro the only tool that can give you a comprehensive conversion.

Preserve folder hierarchy

Folder hierarchy preservation is the primary need of any customer, if it wants to use converted files and folders accurately. This also helps in saving time and energy. However, after all the trouble of conversion, many tools leave folder hierarchy messed up, and leave customers in pain. Customers do not have to worry about this aspect of conversion with Mail Extractor Pro. IT can accurately preserve the folder arrangement of converted Apple mail files, and bring peace to customers.

conversion of apple mail to pst

You do not need more reasons to use Mail Extractor Pro. Download it right now!