FAQ’s about OST recovery and OST to PST conversion

OST to PST Conversion

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about why a user would need to recover and convert their OST files to PST and what is the best way to do it:

Q1- What are OST and PST files and what is the difference between them?

Answer- Outlook uses the Offline Storage Table or OST as the offline data store when connectivity is limited. The Personal Storage Table or PST, on the other hand is the personal data storage area which is used manually by the user.

Q2- Why would I need to recover the OST file?

Answer- Because OST files can be corrupted due to mistakes made by the user or unfortunate accidents. Deleting the original Outlook account with which the OST file is registered can render it totally useless. Hardware failure and sync errors with servers can also damage the OST file. Abrupt shutdown of Outlook or the system and a virus or malware attack are other common events which damage the OST file. In any case the only option is to convert the OST file to PST and recover your email data.

Q3- How can I convert my OST file to PST?

Answer- OST to PST conversion has become especially easier with third party softwares that can handle the recovery and conversion process expertly. There is no need for a professional to perform manual conversion which was a slow process and not as reliable as a professional conversion tool.

Q4- What is the most reliable and professional tool for OST recovery and conversion?

Answer- OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is the ultimate tool that can recover all your precious data and convert OST files to PST, including emails, attachments, calendar data, contacts, metadata, and folder hierarchy. It works on all Outlook versions on both Windows and MAC. OST Extractor Pro is also the fastest conversion tool. It can convert approximate 1 GB in five minutes under regular conditions.


Q5- Do I need to have technical expertise to handle OST to PST conversion?

Answer- OST Extractor Pro has a very simplistic and intuitive user interface which makes it the ideal tool for amateurs. The user does not need previous experience or technical knowledge and even the advanced features are easy to apply.

Q6- Will all my email data remain safe and unchanged during the recovery and conversion process?

Answer- OST Extractor Pro provides 100% guarantee of your data safety. It recovers your entire data without any modifications. It also supports texts from all major languages, even those that use double byte characters like Chinese or Korean.

Q7- Where can I get the best OST to PST converter tool?

Answer- You can download the trial version of OST Extractor Pro for free from USL Software website and check out all its features. This demo version allows the user to convert ten files from each folder. If you feel satisfied with the tool, you can buy the full version. The full version of OST Extractor Pro comes with lifetime updates and 24*7 customer support.

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