Five features you must look for when choosing an OST to PST converter tool

These days there are many conversion tools available to convert OST to PST Online in the market which can help you in converting your OST files into PST format. But not all such tools that promise to convert your OST file into PST or good enough. Hence, here are the few key points that you should always look for when picking up software for converting your OST file into PST format.

Five features of OST to PST convertor

  1. Hundred percent data recovery-

You must go for a tool that promises you a hundred percent data recovery. This means, if you are uploading an OST file for conversion, all the data that is available in the OST file format must get converted into PST format in the very same manner. Which means, during the conversion there must be no data that is produced in the symbolic form which is not readable by the humans.

  1. Must support other sources than text format

When converting OST files into PST, there are other format files than the text that you also need to convert. This format can be your PDF files, presentations, audios and videos, notes from calendars, phone books, etc. Hence you must always go for software that can help you in converting these formats also.

  1. Maintaining the hierarchy of the folders-

When you are working on your mailbox there are many folders in which the data is kept. Hence, when you are recovering the same the files must be extracted and recovered in the same hierarchy as in which they were saved.

  1. Data security-

The tool must provide you with hundred percent data security when recovering your OST files into PST format. It means when you are using a tool that is helping you recover your OST file to PST, it that must not transfer your data to any third party.

  1. Efficiency and speed

Most of the OST tools help you in converting your files into PST format but they take up a lot of your time. Hence, you must look for an option that will help you in converting your files with great speed. Also while maintaining the speed the accuracy should not be hampered. A tool that provides you with both efficiency and speed is something that you should keep an eye on when searching for a conversion tool.

OST Extractor Pro is one such tool that can help you with all such problems that you come across in general OST to PST conversion tool. The OST Extractor Pro can help you convert your data with great efficiency and speed. You can keep all your data secured and can also get a hundred percent data recovery. Not only this but with the use of great algorithm it helps in keeping the hierarchy of the folders same as that in which you stored your files. Hence to import OST file into Outlook 2016 you must use the OST Extractor Pro.

ost to pst converter tool

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