Import OST to Office 365 (Microsoft Outlook Mac / Windows)

OST Extractor Pro – A tool that enables the users without technical expertise to import OST to Office 365

More than half of us do not invest into new products or services out of fear; fear of having to go through several hours of understanding the user manuals or guidelines. Some of us have to go through futile internet searching hours for viable alternatives. But, if we look at it with a broader perspective, it cannot be that there aren’t easier ways of getting out of such circumstances. Every problem has a distinct solution according to the recipient and email conversions are no different.

It would be right to say that email conversions are arduous and baffling. The concept in itself seems absurd to many of the users. A number of natural questions arise in their minds! Why one can’t simply copy and paste the files like it is done with the rest of the content? Or why isn’t there a provision for such requirements within the bounds of email clients? Sadly enough, the reality is that email structures are complex and disparate requiring special treatment. There is no direct way of obtaining the results and thereby one has to opt for email converters.

Tool to Import OST to Office 365

The problem at hand is that of importing OST to Office 365, therefore, let us talk about the best converter for the job. OST Extractor Pro is a tool that can empower a user to take up these conversions with utter confidence! As hard as it is to import OST to Office 365, OST Extractor Pro has a simple and straightforward path leading directly to the solution.

Import OST to Office 365

A beginner’s guide to importing OST to Office 365 with OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro is truly a beginner’s lucky charm. It enriches their first experience at importing OST to Office 365 without them realizing its enormous role in it. The tool basically takes all the nasty operations in the background and leaves the user with a pleasant interface. Their job is limited to making a few personal choices and the OST to PST Conversion job gets done. Here is the simplest guide for the beginners to understand OST Extractor Pro’s process to import OST to Office 365.

How to import OST to Office 365

Step 1:

After successfully downloading the tool, launch it on your screen to start using it.

Step 2:

The tool will guide you to the first important phase of the conversion process which is extraction and upload of the data. Browse and add ost file – You can add multiple OST file for OST to PST conversion.

Step 3

After uploading the files, make sure you check them for avoiding duplication. One can also remove empty and unwanted folders.

Step 4

The user gets prompted for selecting the output. To import OST to Office 365, select it as your output and choose a proper location to save the output. Click on ‘convert’ and wait for its completion. In a few minutes, the perfectly converted files will appear in the selected location.