Cutting-edge technology in Mac Outlook conversion

It is now wholly possible for people to convert one’s mails in Mac Outlook to the mail client version of their choice. This service is provided by the OLM Extractor Pro by USL Software. It has prepared keeping in mind the usual issues one faces during data conversion. And it is fully capable of providing a comfortable mail conversion experience.

Mac Outlook conversion

Most Effective Mac Outlook Conversion

Only the OLM Extractor Pro can deliver upon the promises of data safety and precision when it comes to migration of mails from Mac Outlook to several other mail client versions. The most noted features of this tool which distinguish it from other mail converters are:

mac outlook converter

Multiplicity of options:

The clients of this tool get a number of options when they have to choose the format they would like their files to convert into. From Mac Outlook, they can convert their files to Apple Mail, Address book, Calendars (iCal), Entourage, Thunderbird, Mozilla, MBOX, RGE etc. Thus, this tool is of use every time the client needs to change the format of their Mac mails.

Preserved Unicode component:

The most usual cause of data loss or corruption during the mail conversion process is the inability of the tool to deal with unique text elements. However, the OLM Extractor Pro poses the clients to no such inconvenience. As it has compatibility with all kinds of unique data components like Unicode, metadata, headers, double-byte characters, non-English languages etc. No data is turned into junk and all files are preserved responsibly in their primary stage after conversion.

Saves attachments and nested messages:

Worrying about the safety of one’s attachments and nested messages during mail migration is now a thing of the past. The OLM Extractor Pro extracts the attachments and nested messages irrespective of how deeply embed in the database. The attachments are kept intact with their parent mail file. So the client does not have to stress over finding them.

High speed of conversion:

One of the mail reasons people prefer automatic mail converters like these is to save their time. The OLM Extractor Pro not only takes charge of the whole process but also delivers the results in comparatively lesser time than manual method or conversion using a freeware. The high speed is attained by this app through its bulk conversion technology. It is a technique employed to convert multiple files at once. It has the same performance and effectiveness as one gets in individual conversion.


Be it a beginner or an expert, everyone can operate this tool with equal ease. This is thanks to its user-friendly GUI which guides the clients at all steps. The wizard of the tool has self-explanatory screens to guide the clients at all steps of conversion. The Mac Outlook conversion is downright simple with this tool.

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Get it for Mac Outlook Conversion

A free trial version can be purchased by the interested people to have an idea regarding the operation and features of the tool. Call us any time 24*7 regarding any queries related to the tool or its functioning.

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