Move from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

How to Move from Mac Mail to Thunderbird – Expert’s Approach Now Simplified for Basic Users.

Move from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Do you have a lot of data in Mac Mail that you want to move to Thunderbird? You probably should think about all the difference, tiny and large, data components inside your Mac Mail database.

Like your family photos embedded within the email bodies, or the bar graphs your supervisor sent you to review, or basically any element that is graphical in nature.

Then there are attachments too inside Mac Mail. Because who uses emails nowadays and don’t have any attached files with the emails in their databases? Moreover, there are now cloud-based files attached that the sender has sent with the email. Those files are stored in servers, not locally on users’ computer.

Likewise, there are lot of other information most likely in your Mac Mail database, like metadata, headers, non-English text, nested emails, folders and sub-folders (and their whole arrangement), time and date stamps, contacts, calendar data, etc., that you probably want to move to Thunderbird.

Email Data Migration

The point of detailing all these content types is that with the basic approach to email migration, you will end up losing all these elements. If not, you will most likely find the structure of items altered in unwanted ways. This is why IT professionals or any experienced user takes extra precaution when moving from Mac Mail to Thunderbird all these things that are considered tricky.

What most advanced users do is employ a long, stretching, and exhaustive method to data migration, and do it very carefully so as not to avoid missing anything. Most corporations develop custome-based solutions to fit their specific needs (probably because they have massive databases). After a lot of toiling and efforts, they are able to move the data across the clients with as little data integrity loss as possible. Even then, few errors slip by.

If the errors are under tolerance range, you can say the method works. But only because an advanced user or a large company can afford to give time, efforts, and the whole system to this task. A common user cannot.

If you are reading this, you probably are looking for an efficient, quick, and accurate way to move Mac Mail to Thunderbird but are intimidated by the whole landscape surrounding email migration. And let’s be honest, this whole piece up till now hasn’t helped.

So, here’s the good news, for what you came here in the first place.

Tool to Move from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

The advanced solution that experts employ, often through unconventional and custom-built tools or through tiring manual process, has been simplified for your use, in ways that do not compromise any of the precision you expect for a professional solution to offer. This has been done by USL Software in the form of a tool called “Mail Extractor Max”.

Move from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

How “Mail Extractor Max” has simplified this otherwise daunting task is through creative UI elements and its progressive algorithms (to process data without losing the details) ensure precision of the highest level. What you get in the end is a tool that is incredibly easy to use by anyone, regardless of how much you know behind the technicality of email migration tasks, and yet give you truly professional level of precision.

“Precision” here simply means that it is able to get to the tiniest and furthest corners of your Mac Mail database and meticulously convert them for Thunderbird format.

Remember the list of items stated in the beginning of this post: graphical data, headers, Unicode text, nested emails, cloud-based attachments, etc.? Now with the help of this tool you can convert your complex database while fully knowing that the tool will secure every bit of information.

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