OST to MBOX File Conversion Simplified!

OST to MBOX Conversion

OST and MBOX are files that are not similar to each other in any way. While MBOX is a generic data file used with many applications (natively associated with Mac Mail), OST is a proprietary file format that only works with Windows Outlook.

This incompatibility between both files create a nauseas situation for most inexperienced users while faced with the job of data migration from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail or Thunderbird. Since, they cannot simply move or export OST to Mac Mail/Thunderbird, they are left with the options from third-parties or do it themselves manually.

Both solutions (Manual or third-party applications) are often not up to the job. Manual methods to convert OST to MBOX or to move data from Outlook to Mac Mail can be painfully time-consuming, if you can make them work at all. The third-party apps and utilities may come in handy, if you know where to look for one and how to use them.

OST to MBOX Converter Tool

Most of the utilities designed for this purpose of OST to MBOX export have poor algorithms. Email files can contain extremely complex information like metadata and headers and to convert them all requires dedicated logic. Most of the converters lack in that department. But also, they lack in certain obvious and common aspects of a software application, like interface, support, speed, etc.

OST Extractor Pro” has changed that.

OST Extractor Pro can convert OST to PST, EML, MBOX, Apple Mail Mailbox, Thunderbird Mailbox and Postbox Mailbox.

It’s a software application from USL Software bringing most of your wanted features in one place, resulting in an effortless migration. It simplifies most of the operations required to convert the files by automation, intuitive UI, and tech support available 24×7. The tool is built with advanced framework to ensure every complex component from your OST files are safely exported into MBOX without losing the integrity.

ost to mbox

OST to MBOX Conversion Simplified

Let’s take a common example of a data component with emails that are often very tricky to convert. The metadata or the headers of emails that form an important part of your email workflow. Information in headers like Sender and receiver email addresses (to, from, cc, bcc), subject line, time and date stamps and other labels that are associated with your emails are hard to convert; but “OST Extractor Pro” holds the perfect algorithms to get them safely into MBOX format.

ost to mbox file conversion

And other features like batch conversion, contacts and calendar conversion, read/unread emails to separate folders, splitting large MBOX files, and more adds another layer of proficiency into an otherwise demanding process.

ost to mbox conversion

Download to Convert OST to MBOX

Get the trial version today. You will not be disappointed.

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The trial edition can convert ten items per folder from each folder inside each OST file that you load on to it. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get familiarize with the interface. You can check out the features freely, and have full confident with its ability before activation.

If you are looking for ost to mbox conversion tool, then try OST Extractor Pro today.

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