OST to PST Outlook 2019 Conversion in Mac and Windows

OST to PST Outlook 2019 Conversion is a rough task which demands the professionalism of a reputed tool. It cannot be handled by anyone else. Many have tried and failed. And the chances are that since you are reading this article you must have failed in this task too.

Who is this reputed tool which can help convert OST to PST Outlook 2019? It is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.

OST to PST Outlook 2019 Conversion

OST Extractor Pro can be used by anyone. Yes even a child can use OST Extractor Pro. Let’s thanks to its simple and amazing graphical user interface which allows it to make even the hardest OST process easy for customers. Customers, with the help of self-explanatory wizards provided by OST Extractor Pro, can complete any task in no time at all. The interface is very interactive and user-friendly. One does not get to know the complexity of even a single OST process with the help of this tool.

OST to PST Outlook 2019 Conversion

As its name suggests, OST Extractor Pro is a real professional for the task of OST extraction. The process is tough since there are many sources of OST files. Therefore, tools can be prejudiced and extract OST files from one source and leave another. When customers want their tool to extract OST file from some other source too, the tool demands an expensive upgrade.

Say no to this exploitation. Get OST Extractor Pro, and extract PST files from any source possible. Be it Outlook, Exchange or ANSI, OST Extractor Pro will extract OST files no matter what.

Amazing Features

OST Extractor Pro can convert in bulk too. This feature helps customers to convert their entire OST database in one attempt and be done with it for eternity. Anytime they have a bunch of OST files piling up, they can convert them all together. This way, OST Extractor Pro also helps them save time.

OST Extractor Pro is completely comfortable with converting any type of mail. It can convert even the minute and mega parts of mails easily. For example, it won’t leave behind the nested mails, embedded images and Meta data content, or even largest attachments. Everything in OST database finds itself to the other side of OST with the help of OST Extractor Pro.

OST to PST Outlook 2019

OST Extractor Pro can easily preserve the folder hierarchy of OST database. This is a very helpful feature and can help customers a lot in the post-conversion phase. The post-conversion phase is all about choosing the files you have converted and get back to the primary work. OST Extractor Pro helps in that. By keeping the folder hierarchy intact, it keeps the familiarity of customers with the order and arrangement of files refresh. Customers lose no time in finding their desired files and carry on with their work easily.

Get it for OST to PST Outlook 2019 conversion

Free trial version – The free download version of OST Extractor Pro can help you in clearing your doubts about the credibility of the tool. DO give it a try. You can download the demo version from OST Extractor Pro’s website.

Get OST Extractor Pro right now for OST to PST Outlook 2019 conversion!