Outlook PST to MBOX Converter Mac from USL Software – The Best Approach to Email Migration!

Outlook PST to MBOX Converter Mac is a type of application that converts the data files from Windows Outlook called PST to MBOX, which is natively the Mac Mail data file but is also used more commonly with other applications and is often used a standard file for storing data.

Need of Outlook PST to MBOX Converter Mac

Users need the Outlook PST to MBOX Converter Mac because the PST file is a proprietary file format from Windows Outlook and is not compatible with Mac Mail or any other email client.

This process of file conversion requires sophisticated programming. For the most complex items inside these files, a tool requires a dedicated logic to convert these elements successfully and without modification.

This process is successfully done by “PST Extractor Pro” from USL Software. It offers a simple interface that requires no skills or experience of email migration. Just simply follow the wizard/instructions and you will be good to go.

Outlook PST to MBOX Converter Mac

Convert Outlook PST to MBOX using ‘PST Extractor Pro’

PST Extractor Pro” brings many quality features and algorithms to make your Outlook PST to MBOX migration a breeze. Many other ordinary tools often miss the data inside your files and can end up with data integrity loss. Not “PST Extractor Pro.”

  • It fully supports the non-English content and even the languages like Chinese and Japanese that are very difficult because they are encoded with DBCS (double-byte characters)
  • The tool will convert every folder from PST to MBOX without losing its original place. In other words, it maps the entire folder hierarchy accurately, which is an otherwise big concern.
  • It also converts all email items like images, attachments, metadata, and headers. Information like To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject Line, Time and Date Stamps, and more.

Here’s how to actually use “PST Extractor Pro” to convert Outlook PST files to MBOX:

  • Launch the tool and click on “Add PST” at the topoutlook to pst to mbox converter
  • Browse to the location where the PST files are saved and select that folderoutlook to pst to mbox
  • Check the folders that are marked that you want to convert. You can untick the ones you don’t want to convert.pst to mbox converter mac
  • There are other settings that you can tweak depending on what you want:pst to mbox converter
    • Save emails in two separate folders depending on their read/unread status
    • Merge contacts to a single *.VCF (contacts) file from each contact folder
    • Merge calendar entries to a single *.ICS (calendar) file per folder
    • Limit the output MBOX size and essentially split them into smaller files
  • Click the button “convert’convert outlook pst to mbox

And you are done!

Get Outlook PST to MBOX Converter Mac

With this simple approach, you can get your files converted with ease and perfection. There will be zero data loss and every item will preserve its integrity. And the interface is quite simple to get the beginners convert their files too.

Download the trial setup and get started today. You will not be disappointed.

Get it here: https://www.pstextractorpro.com/.

The tech support team is also available 24×7 to help you out.

If your are looking for Outlook PST to MBOX Converter Mac, try ‘PST Extractor Pro’.

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