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Saying that PST Extractor Pro is the most promising Outlook to Apple mail converter is as an understatement. Why do we say that? Well, imagine yourself finding a great gadget from the large market out there. Wouldn’t you end up doing a lengthy internet search for the same? We have done the same search just for you in relation to the Outlook to Apple mail converters. And after doing rounds of comparisons and trying different Outlook to Apple mail converters, it has been found that PST Extractor Pro stands out in the lot.

Outlook to Apple Mail Converter

Outlook to Apple Mail Converter for Mac

However, establishing such a claim requires proof and we have it all. The quality of the conversions done by this Outlook to Apple mail converter is not like anything that you’ve experienced before. The converted files are as good and authentic as the original ones. Furthermore, the conversion process is extremely simplified for its users. Even a beginner in the field would be able to grasp it in just moments of introduction to the user interface.

PST Extractor Pro has to be the preferred choice that you must make when it comes to choosing an Outlook to Apple mail converter.

PST Extractor Pro-uses and usage discussed in detail for the best Outlook to Apple mail converter

Using PST Extractor Pro has been simplified to a great extent by the user-friendly interface that has been developed for the ease of users. Although PST Extractor pro is capable of converting PST files to multiple outputs (Thunderbird, Entourage, etc), we’ll focus on how it has come out to be the most efficient Outlook to Apple mail converter.

Microsoft Outlook uses a special format known as PST to store the data. Apple mails have formats far different from PST and therefore one invariably fails in the pursuit of directly transferring Outlook PST data to Apple mails. A dedicated Outlook to Apple mail converter is required to carry out this tedious job.

Ultimate Features

PST Extractor Pro is an Outlook to Apple mail converter with the given features/uses:

  • Firstly, it converts everything contained in the mailing data base. This includes attachments, contacts, calendars, metadata, etc.
  • Secondly, it gives the option of converting multiple files in one go. A user desiring conversion of huge database would have no difficulty in doing so.
  • Thirdly, the speed is not affected at all. Any amount of data can be loaded but it will be converted at lightning fast speed.
  • Next, the integrity of the data stays as it is. It maintains the nested messages, folder hierarchy, etc.
  • Finally, it has a highly interactive user interface and an extremely simple conversion process. The results are highly accurate and precise.

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If this isn’t ample proof to convince a user, it offers you a free trial version to make sure you have seen this all for yourself before actually getting the full version. All the features are available in the free trial version of this Outlook to Apple mail converter as well. One can convert 10files per folder (a restriction for trial version) to see how it works.

Outlook to Apple Mail

Enjoy your free trial version today to convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail.