Postbox to PST Conversion With 100% Accuracy and Safety!

If you are a tech savvy user that likes his/her email conversion to be quick, flawless and easy to perform, this is just the right article for you.

The process of Postbox to PST Conversion can get a little out of hand, but with the ideal tools and the right knowledge, you can have it all under control.

Postbox to PST Conversion: The need to do so

If you want to transfer your data from your Postbox account to your Windows Outlook account effectively, easily, quickly and safely, then this is the way to go. The need to transfer for Postbox to PST Conversion arises due to the incompatibility between the two email clients. Postbox and Windows Outlook are big email clients on their respective operating systems.

Postbox is famous with MacOS users and Outlook with Windows users. Everything is fine with them individually. The problem starts when you need to migrate the data between the two. The format used by both the email clients is completely different.

Postbox makes use of MBOX format which is a very generic format and is used by many other email clients as well. While Outlook uses PST or Personal Storage Tables for storing the data of its users.

So, to transfer the data from Postbox you need to convert it into PST.

The converter to make your Postbox to PST Conversion better

The data in modern day email database consists of a lot of data of different formats and sizes. Tackling it can become tough if you go about converting it manually. For this approach you’ll need a dummy account with IMAP functionality and a lot of data storage.

 This account as an intermediary between your Postbox and Outlook account and you can easily transfer the data with the help of this account. But the probability of getting all the data across safely is almost negligible.

You’ll need a third-party mail to pst converter for it. The lack of a common way of Postbox to PST Conversion pushes you to use these third-party solutions. Mail Extractor Pro is the best solution in this category. The tool from USL Software provides you with all the essentials and plus some more features to get you the conversion process of your choice.

It helps you convert Postbox, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and MBOX to PST in Mac.

postbox to pst conversion

Features like:

Autoloading the Email Database for Conversion:

The tool makes you skips the necessary steps of extracting the data from the database file. It directly converts all the data directly from the database files without any complications.

Accurate Conversion of all your data:

The tool accurately converts all of your data present in the input database files. You don’t have to worry about anything getting lost or being left unconverted. Formats like Unicode, double byte data very easily converted by the tool.

Split Large PST files accordingly:

Converting large PST files at once can become very hard for your Outlook application. For this tool provides you the facility of splitting the files as you like it. You can set a custom size for which you want the files to grow till. After that the tool splits them automatically.

Download the free trial of the tool and get a closer look at all this and a lot more. Grab your copy today and start with your Postbox to PST Conversion.

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