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If you are searching and scanning the depths of internet to find a reliable and efficient PST to Apple Mail Converter, then you search ends today. This article introduces you to the best PST to Apple Mail Converter tool in the market. Read on and find out why it is the best choice out there.


PST Extractor Pro is the complete PST to Apple Mail Converter. It offers you everything that you could have wished for in a PST to Apple Mail Converter tool. From power to precision to ease, the tool offers all. Some exceptional features like conversion of the Unicode content gives this PST to Apple Mail Converter an edge over the rest of the choices.

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Most of the PST to Apple Mail Converters provide you with the option to convert your PST to Apple Mail. Then what’s different with PST Extractor Pro?

Well, the tool is not any ordinary PST to Apple Mail Converter. It not only converts your PST files to Apple Mail but also to Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage etc.

Amazing right? This one tool gives you the control over the whole conversion process. With this PST to Apple Mail Converter you can decide what would be the format of the output file produced.

Having such flexibility gives you the opportunity to manage more than one accounts simultaneously or switch between formats as per your need. So, you don’t have to find a new converter for each format, this one tool does it all for you.

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The value of data in today’s world is clear to everyone. Each bit of that precious data matter and is worth even more than gold. Giving your data in the hands of a third-party converter tool requires faith and courage.

And PST Extractor Pro lives up to that faith. The tool cares for your data and implements such approaches that ensure that your data remains safe and secure.

Most of the previous PST to Apple Mail Converters has a problem regarding the Unicode data present in your input file.

Unicode data is a bit different from your normal textual data and becomes a little tricky to convert. Therefore, has become the reason for many failed conversion attempts and data damage in the past.

PST Extractor Pro being the extraordinary PST to Apple Mail Converter converts your Unicode data as well with extreme caution and precision. So, no more incomplete conversions or data damage.


Accuracy of the conversion tool is another aspect that needs to be considered while selecting your PST to Apple Mail Converter.

PST Extractor Pro excels every other converter in this aspect. The tool provides you the best in class conversion accuracy.

This PST to Apple Mail Converter leaves no stone unturned when it comes to converting your data. You’ll never face any problem of data being left behind or unconverted with the use of PST Extractor Pro.

The precision of the tool is such that it even retains the folder hierarchy of the input file. Making the output file an exact replica where you can find everything very easily and efficiently.


To experience all this and a lot more download the free trial copy of the tool. So, go grab your copy today and get started.

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