Thunderbird to PST Converter for Mac OS X (Easy, Accurate & Safe)

Would you settle for anything less when you are offered the best option? So, why are you doing that for you Thunderbird to PST Converter. This article introduces you to the best Thunderbird to PST Converter in the market and tells you why it is the best. Read on.

The best Thunderbird to PST Converter out there

Mail Extractor Pro is the best Thunderbird to PST Converter Out there. And the features it offers only strengthen this argument.

Tool offers you all the latest features that make your conversion process easier, quicker and smarter. It also boasts some rare features that give it that edge over other Thunderbird to PST Converters.

Handle multiple formats with this Thunderbird to PST Converter

Technically a Thunderbird to PST Converter should only be able to convert Apple Mail to PST. But Mail Extractor Pro is not an ordinary Thunderbird to PST Converter.

The tool offers you a wide range of options to choose the format of your input file from. You can not only convert Apple Mail with the tool but also formats like Thunderbird, Entourage etc. as well.

This gives you the flexibility to move between formats or to manage more than one account simultaneously. No more searching the internet for a new converter tool every time you want to convert a file of different format. Your one stop Thunderbird to PST Converter or Multi converter does it all for you.

Thunderbird to PST converter

Accuracy of this Thunderbird to PST Converter is best in class

The accuracy of the tool alone makes it the best choice in the market. The tool offers exceptional accuracy and precision that leaves nothing unconverted in your input file.

The tool does not even leave a bit of data behind which remains unconverted. The precision of the tool makes it able to retain the folder hierarchy of the input file post conversion too.

This helps a lot while navigating through or debugging the input file.

Tool converts anything, and everything present in your input file. So, no more data loss, incomplete or faulty conversions.

Convert Multiple Format with this Thunderbird to PST Converter

Security of your data should be a primary factor while you decide which converter tool to go for. Unicode and ASCII are the two encoding schemes involved with the data present in your input file.

ASCII is the encoding scheme associated with your text and Unicode with the rest non-English data.  ASCII is the more common encoding scheme therefore it becomes easy to convert but Unicode is a bit on the lesser side, so not all the Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook Converters are able to convert it.

This results in an incomplete conversion process having negative effects on your input file. Mail Extractor Pro solves this problem and converts Unicode data present in your input file providing you with a complete and safe conversion process.

Download the free trial of the tool today


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Tool offers a free to download trial version that gives you a peek into what the tool has to offer before you buy the premium version. So, grab your trial today.