Transfer Gmail folders to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Make use of technologically advanced Mail Extractor Pro to transfer Gmail folders to Outlook!

Both Gmail and Outlook are star performers in their own domains in the emailing world. While Gmail is mostly used for personal purposes, Outlook is an ace provider for professional requirements. What is common is their huge client-age and what’s not is their make and technical design. As such, anyone who wants to transfer Gmail folders to Outlook would find no help from either of the clients to get the job done. The need to transfer Gmail folders to Outlook can be satiated only via third party email converter tools. And we are here to have a discussion about one of the leading converter tools that has been designed to transfer Gmail folders to Outlook Mail Extractor Pro.

Transfer Gmail Folders to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro provides an elaborate in quality yet concise in operation solution to the problem of Gmail folders to Outlook transfer. It tackles the problem from the origin point and goes on to win over it till the end. This narrative of the tool, however, doesn’t do much justice to the grandeur that this tool has. Thereby, a descriptive account of this tool has been shared in the next segment.

transfer gmail folders to outlook

The only time when promises are kept by a tool that transfers Gmail folders to Outlook!

There are numerous promises that are made by the creators of these email converter tools but when the time comes to deliver the results, all the users get is disappointment. Mail Extractor Pro is different from the rest. In that, it is not only the best converter but also a true deliverer of the promoted claims. Let us have a look at what can be expected from Mail Extractor Pro when engaging it to transfer Gmail folders to Outlook.

  • Easy upload of the data: Gmail archive is super easy to create; thanks to the Google Takeout facility. Once the users have their Gmail archives ready, all that is left to be done is upload of the files onto this tool. There are no hiccups at all in this procedure. The tool quickly uploads the entire content without any lapses.
  • Simple interface guides the users: Mail Extractor Pro has a pretty basic interface that is even simpler to comprehend. Further, the layout of the instructions assists the users to transfer Gmail folders to Outlook without any struggles.
  • Converts every single element: The tool is proficient and delivers the pledged 100 % results. The accuracy is on point and nothing can really be flawed about the files. Whether it is the complicated Unicode content or the simple Text files, the tool ensures the safe and precise transfer of each one of these to the other side.
  • Quickly completes the transfer: There is no delay in the process. As a matter of fact, the tool is swift in completing the job.
  • Safe for use: The tool is super safe to be used. There is zero threat to the safety as well as the integrity of the files.
gmail folders to outlook

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