Transferring OST to PST file format, A four point guide!

Transferring OST to PST, this article has been developed with the sole purpose of helping out the users in need of ost to pst migration. The job can be quite harsh and demanding and therefore any amount of help given in this direction can turn around the whole task experience for the users. Thereby, anyone on the lookout for transferring OST to PST can and must benefit from the straightforward path mentioned hereunder for transferring OST to PST.

Transferring OST to PST


First and foremost, the users must opt for a reliable third party converter tool to go ahead with the conversion job. Although, manual conversions always remain an open option, risking it all with such a technically driven task would not be prudent. It is recommended to opt for a credible ost to pst converter tool such as OST Extractor Pro– a product of USL Software.

OST Extractor Pro is a great choice for transferring OST to PST as it is fully equipped for the job. The right blend of features helps it in securing the perfect results for the users.

transferring OST to PST


For using OST Extractor Pro to convert OST to PST it is important to look into some prerequisites. There must certainly be enough disk space to ensure smooth download and installation of the tool. This would also require the user to check out the administrative permissions and set them right, if required. The tool is compatible with Windows (Windows 7/8/10 and Exchange Servers 2003/08/12) as well as Mac (OS 10.7 or higher) systems.


After installation of the tool, the users have to follow the simple guidelines on the very well-designed interface of the tool. The steps would be as enlisted hereunder:

  • Upload the OST database by navigating to the location where the archive has been saved. The users can upload a huge batch as the tool supports bulk conversions. OST files from all sources like ANSI OST file, Office 365, Outlook 97-2019, and Exchange 5.0 to 2017 edition are supported.
  • Preview window appears displaying all the uploaded files. Remove any unwanted files at this stage and move forward.
  • Choose the output as .pst. Choose the location for saving the final output.
  • Click on convert and watch the log report for progress status.


The job of transferring OST to PST is done at this stage. The users can export the PST files to their favored destinations and start using them right away.

Get a package for every user!

transfer OST to PST

As can be seen, OST Extractor Pro can make transferring OST to PST a cake walk for the users. This enticing ost to pst converter tool is available in 4 different license keys. These are:

Individual: The smallest and the cheapest package; suits single user at single location.

Household: A little dearer than the previous package; suits friends and family members, two systems at single location.

Business: Somewhat dearer than the previous packages: suits small businesses, up to 50 systems at two locations.

Enterprise: The most expensive (yet cheap) package of all; suits Enterprise with 100+ employees, unlimited systems at unlimited locations.