The right kind of Windows Live mail to PST converter software to invest in!

Here is a simple question- Do you wish to secure the perfect replicas of your Windows Live mail data files and carry them forward safely to the new Outlook PST client? If the answer to that is yes then everything will get sorted once you opt for Mail Passport Pro– the best Windows Live mail to PST converter software!

Windows Live Mail to PST Converter Software

Mail Passport Pro is the kind of tool whose appreciation can never be enough. There are multiple perks that it offers its customers and each one of these perks is beyond excellent.

WIndows Live Mail to PST converter software

Mail Passport Pro is an all in one tool and designed for Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX, EML as well as OLM to PST conversion.

The primary aim of taking up the email conversion jobs is to take forward all the data that is contained in the previous email client. These databases are generally constituted by email files, attachments, contacts, calendars, etc. And a perfect conversion certainly means creation of each one of these elements with 100% precision. That is one of the many aspects that this tool has perfect command on.

If we look into the other perks of using this Windows Live mail to PST converter software, we would certainly come across the fact that it takes less than a few minutes to convert even huge databases. And the simplicity that it offers its users in attaining the task is commendable too.

In nutshell, this Windows Live mail to PST converter software is the perfect choice for the task.

WIndows Live Mail to PST

A healthy completion between two Windows Live mail to PST converter software!

A surprising fact is that, Gladwev Software, the company behind Mail Passport Pro, has another tool that can accomplish this task- Mail Passport Lite. The comparative analysis for both these tools has been made under different heads and the same are detailed below:

Mail Passport Pro vs. Mail Passport Lite


The “Pro” version is devised to operate on files like OLM, MBOX, EML, Entourage, Postbox, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail to PST files conversion. The “Lite” version, on the other hand, handles only EML and MBOX to PST.


Since the “Pro” version handles more conversions, it is slightly higher on the pricing factor than the “Lite” version.


The products are available in different license keys that suit the needs of the users based on their usage requirements. The “Pro” version comes in Household, Commercial, and Enterprise license keys. The “Lite” version is rolled out in Household and Commercial license key.


Both Mail Passport Pro and Mail Passport Lite have free trial versions that can be downloaded from their respective sites without any registration formalities.


As far as the output of these Windows Live mail to PST converter software is concerned, there is no doubt that flawless files get created each time any one of these is put to the task. The decision to go ahead with which one of these lies in your hands, however, the guarantee of having refined PST files at the end of it is certainly present in both the cases.